Diecotec FAQ

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1.1 Why is worthy to choose wood pellet stoves?

The wooden pellets used to heat rooms are eco-friendly and good for the environment. They are made of recycled wood that would normally be left at the local dumpsite. These stoves are cheaper to use than gas and also give additional character to you house.

3.1 How can I find the right place for my pellet stove?

Pellet Stove you can place nearly anywhere in your home, but a major living area where the family spends leisure hours and which provides heat flow to other areas is usually a strongly preferred location for the stove. The stove should be near a properly wired outlet and must meet minimum clearance between stove and combustibles. Proper venting is essential for proper appliance performance, dwelling safety, maintenance frequency and indoor environment. Additionally, outside air for combustion has to be drawn from an approved location. These things must all be considered in order to locate a place that provides optimal operation and service.

3.2 Can I burn other type of pellets other than wood pellets?

The performance of our stoves depends largely on the quality of the pellets used. Our stoves are projected to burn wood pellets only.Premium wood pellets only must be used in your stove. The combustion of any other pelletized fuel, other than wood pellets, is prohibited and will void your warranty. Your stove is equipped with a carefully programmed automatic feeding system. Pellets made with any other material than wood may require a different program, and if used with your unit, may cause it to malfunction and/or overheat.

2.1 How to operate with a pellet stove?

Operating a pellet stove is not difficult, but it is a new technology that calls for basic knowledge. As everyone in the world knows that the oil in their car should be changed every 5,000 km in order to prolong the life of the engine, also all brands of pellet stoves have regular  maintenance that needs to be performed.  The manual contains important and detailed maintenance information that you should read and follow. For more details, please read the DIECOTEC - PELLET STOVES MANUAL.

2.2 How does the pellet stove starts and how does it shutdown?

You have to first make sure that the hopper has pellets and that fuel is feeding into the burn pot, and then attempt start the stove by pushing the start button (On/OFF). . If startup fails then check carefully the feeding and attempt to restart the stove once again. Repeated failed lighting cycles indicate the need for maintenance or professional service. Normal shutting down the stove is typically a matter of simply setting the control to the OFF position according to operating instructions. The fuel feed stops delivering fuel right away, and after the stove cools sufficiently, all motors and blowers cease operation. Performance problems are more likely to be caused by neglected maintenance than by regular operation. Problems related to mechanical failure usually results in safety switches shutting the pellet stove down. Shutdown may, however, can be caused from empty hopper, improper startup or intermittent power failure. The stove should NOT be shut down by unplugging the power cord. Although fuel feed stops in a power outage, the pellets in the burn pot continue to burn for a few minutes. The resulting smoke and hot gases rise, seeking the path of least resistance. That’s way during installation is necessary to have vertical sections to provide natural draft. Unexplained, repeated appliance shutdowns call for professional advice and service.

2.3 What can I do when the glass become black and sooty?

When on the window of the stove appears soot, it’s a sign that there is not enough air in the system. In this case you have to adjust the air damper and then adjust the combustion fan.

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People automatically can assume that DIECOTEC was named by merging three terms: Dibra (Location), ECO (Emission Control Optimization) and TEC (Technology).

DIECOTEC main objective is to be the best company in the region within the five years operation in this activity/sector by offering always to our customer best solution for their needs and in this way to maximize the return on investment . The company utilizes specific equipment and a trained staff that will be able to optimize production quality and maximum customer satisfaction. We began manufacturing pellet stoves with our engineering, which has always emphasized passion for our job and maximum carry for our quality products.We give our best efforts, dedication and commitment during all phases of production. Every stove is assembled with skill and tested properly, while safety issues are never compromised or negotiated.Wood Pellets are 100% organic and when burned, emit almost no smoke. A single loading of a pellet stove can provide long hours of warmth. They are made of premium hardwood timber by-products and other waste material that might otherwise end up in landfills. By converting this waste product into an efficient heat source, our focus is to maximize contributing not only to the future of home heating, but to the future of the environment. They offer strong environmental benefits; pellets not only reduce dependence on limited quantity of fossils fuels like oil and gas, but they also put to good use materials that would otherwise unnecessarily add to a waste. Pellets are easily and cleanly stored and handled in bags and they offer the lowest emissions of unwanted pollutants of all solid fuel burning  appliances. Using wood pellet stoves, encourages the economy and energy independence of the state, reduces costs and cleans the air in the bargain! Our pellet stoves by burning wooden pellets produce less residual ash and burn hotter and cleaner than conventional woodstoves or fireplaces. The heat provided is even and constant, due to the automatically regulated fuel feed responding to owner settings. We are committed every day to build and maintain long term relations with our customers by being close to their needs just in time and as their expectations are. We are committed to provide products and services that will exceed the expectations of our customers, resulting in a successful ergonomic solution due to its economic feasibility, socially accepted and without environmental pollution of the area. When choosing a family heating system most customers look for something comfortable to use, safety and less-cost energy option and if possible to cook something on it. That’s way our goal is to create the best-rounded experience in production stoves with biomass and renewable energy solutions in order to offer to our customer the most ergonomic, less cost and eco energy. We will offer the best European and world practices for energy solutions. In this manner we take care for clean and fresh environment, our customer packet and our merited profit. Please choose our pellet stoves and be witness for yourself.

Our Staff

DIECOTEC staff will use all their experience and knowledge to create a successful practice. We will leverage our personal experiences and practices spent elsewhere to help model this modern company for different models of stoves with biomass and renewable energy production. It will focus on each individual case to find and develop new standardized products and will deal with special required orders with unique products as per customer need as well. We’re always looking for experienced engineers, technicians, metal working craftsmen, salesmen, office staff, particularly those with strong passion for work and ability to pertain professionalism even during high stress working hours.

Our Partners

Our Partners and companies when we buy components: steel, motors, fans, control boards, and other components that we select are among the most quality known brands of the European market.  Our digital technology control panels that we use for our pellet stoves include multiple safety checks and diagnostics to extend the life and maximize the heat output and efficiency of your stove.

Building Premises

The building which is already in the company ownership includes a business premises - building for production and administrative purpose use. The building has one floor and space of 2.000 sq. meters, while the land around has 8.000 sq. meters. It satisfies all basic infrastructure needs and small remodeling has to be done as per the production lines adaptations.

Our philosophy of Keys to Success

•     Focus on customer needs and satisfaction •     High quality and low cost products. •     Build a long term relation with our customers